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The Big Girl


  • Author : Alagu Subramaniyam
  • Publisher : The Bay Owl Press
  • ISBN : 978-955-1723-41-5
  • 152 Pages

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Author : Alagu Subramaniyam

Publisher : The Bay Owl Press

ISBN : 978-955-1723-41-5

152 Pages


“Mr.Subramanium is in my opinion a wholly serious writer.It seems to me that we have a duty towards Eastern writers,who pay us the compliment of interpreting their countries to us in the English language.In addition to his stories of Ceylon, Mr.Subramanium is also writing stories of contemporary English life,some of which I have read with great interest.”

                                        -Walter Allen:English Novelist and Critic

Alagu Subramaniyam has evolved a distinctive style of his own and his stories show an unusual structural cohesion and mastery of his material”

                                   – Mulk Raj Ananda & Iqbal Singh:Indian Short Stories

“Younger writers of imaginative power like Alagu Subramanium are showing that they cannot be confined by convention to the social tract,but must revert to familiar fields where complexities of character whet the imagination.”

                                 – Olivia Manninng in the Spectator(London)

“Stories told sardonically and succinctly” – Philip Day, Sunday Times (London)

Lovely day , the last story in this book will shortly be included in a volume entitled Best Indian Short Stories.


“Mr Subramaniayam could have had a sound practice at the English Bar, but he preferred to pursue his literary work, which is of a higher order” – Lester Hutchinson, D es L., Former MP (British House of Commons)

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