David Copperfield


  • Author : Charles Dickens 
  • Publisher : iRead Publisher
  • Edition 2020
  • ISBN : 978-955-21-2689-5
  • 104 Pages

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Author : Charles Dickens 

Publisher : M D Gunasena Publisher

Edition 2020

ISBN : 978-955-21-2689-5

104 Pages


Great Stories in Easy English is a series of abridged and simplified editions of great and well-known stories written by infamous authors of all times, compiled by some Indian professors of English Literature. They are published in Sri Lanka by M D Gunasena Publications. Suitable for young students and adults who want to start reading in English or who like to improve their English reading skills.

Each book contains some self-assessment questions at the end and also some valuable language improvement material. Will be definitely useful for English teachers who are trying to improve the reading skills of their students.

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