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  • Author : Asanga Abeyagoonasekera
  • Publisher : World Scientific
  • ISBN 978-981-122-933-6
  • 222 Pages

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Author : Asanga Abeyagoonasekera

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN 978-981-122-933-6

222 Pages


This book is a compilation of essays on several themes intended to provoke thought on and promote understanding about everyday political and social life on an island facing constant geopolitical and domestic political challenges’ The themes of this books are: 4/21 Terror Attack and National Security; China, Belt and Road Initiative and Sri Lankan Foreign Policy; Geopolitics; Sustaining Democracy and Facing a Pandemic; and Domestic Political Stability, Leadership and Economic Crime’

Most essays have captured the domestic viewpoint from which to begin drawing a wider picture of the global geopolitical tapestry. The chapters enframe a variety of domestic political incidents, conflicts of various actors, and the conundrum of an island in the Indian Ocean, stuck in the triangular maritime power dynamics among the United States, China and India. They also examine the influences from foreign nations towards Sri Lanka’s foreign policy and the dynamics of security challenges in the larger geosphere and marine sphere of South Asia and Indian Ocean respectively. The chapters offer the reader an Olympian viewpoint of the challenges Sri Lanka faces, attempting to find connections and patterns towards greater external geopolitical influence and how it impacts domestic politics.

“Sri Lanka faces both longstanding domestic political and cultural fissures as well as a turbulent Indo-Pacific strategic environment. There is no better guide to both than Asanga “Abeyagoonasekara.”

Parag Khanna – Author of The Future is Asian and Connectography

“As the maritime rivalries heat up in the Indo-Pacific and the world turns its attention to Sri Lanka at the heart of this strategic geography, Asanga Abeyagoonasekara offers rich insights into the strategic dynamics of the island nation. A good place to start for anyone interested in contemporary Sri Lanka.”

C. Raja Mohan – Director” Institute of South Asian Studies” National University of Singapore

“Beauty can be a curse. Sri Lanka is a jewel of an island perfectly positioned astride the sea lane connecting East and West…. Asanga analyses the internal and external challenges confronting Sri Lankan society and discusses ways of addressing them.”

George Yeo  – Former Foreign Minister of Singapore

“…..a must read for national security scholars and practitioners…. Examines the implications for Sri Lanka of Chinese growing footprint in the Indian Ocean.”

Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan – Distinguished Fellow” Observer Research Foundation” India

“This book is treasure trove of diacussions by one of Sri Lanka’s leading experts on the many dilemmas that the country now faces. For anyone wanting to understand Sri Lanka’s contemporary foreign policy and security challenges, it is a must read.”

David Brewster – Senior Research Fellow, National Security College, Australian National University

“Conundrum of an Island is indeed a valuable contribution to the understanding of the local and regional dynamics and a must read…”

Frederic Grare – Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


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