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Ancient Sri Lanka


  • The Many Faces Of The Kandyan Kingdom 1591-1765 + The Doomed King      
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The Many Faces Of The Kandyan Kingdom 1591-1765 + The Doomed King       


The Many Faces Of The Kandyan Kingdom 1591-1765     

Author : Gananath Obeyesekere 

Publisher : Sailfish Publishers

First Edition 2020

ISBN 978-955-7743-06-6

195 Pages

SURROUNDED BY MAGNIFICENT MOUNTAINS,the city Kandy, home of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth and the Royal Palace, was the capital of Lanka for about three hundred years. Gananath Obeysekere paints a vivid portrait of the Kings of these great green highlands of Kandy, revealing a complex and advanced society every bit as violent as any other civilization. Focusing on Kings Vimaladharmasuriya I, Rajasinha II, Sri Vijaya Rajasinha and Kirti Sri  Rajasinha, he brings the Kandyan monarchy to Life, depicting them not as mythic figures but as flesh and blood, larger than life characters ruled over the last citadel of Lankan aristocracy.

The Many Faces Of The Kandyan Kingdom examines the politics and culture of colonial attempts to gain control of the entire island, and the events that preceded Lanka’s deadliest intrigue- the betrayal of the last Kandyan King.

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The Doomed King        

Author :  Gananath Obeyesekere

Publisher : Sailfish Publishers

New Edition 2017

ISBN 978-955-7743-02-8

408 Pages


On 24 January 1816, the captured king of Kandy was escorted on board the Cornwallis together with his queens,relatives and servants. Almost a month later,King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha arrives at the Vellore Fort in India, to spend his remaining days in exile. Thus ends the tragic tale of the Doomed King of Lanka

In this book Gananath Obeyesekere,gives us a different portrait of the last king of Kandy.Using Kadai Pot,Vittipot and documents from English servicemen, he reveals a king who was much maligned and betrayed by those he trusted. The King makes for fascinating reading where a master spy, a Machiavellian governor and an opportunistic nobleman together bring about the  fall of the Kandyan Kingdom.


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