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Three books from Christine Wilson

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  • The Mountain Road + Brave Island + Surgeon of the Wilderness (The biography of Dr.R.L.Spittel)
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The Mountain Road + Brave Island + Surgeon of the Wilderness (The biography of Dr.R.L.Spittel)

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The Mountain Road

Author: Christine Wilson

Publisher: Sooriya Publishers

Sooriya Edition 2004

ISBN 955-8892-49-1

243 Pages


CHRISTINE WILSON comes from a line of doctors, artists and writers. Her father, Richard Spittel, C.MG., F.R.C.S., is himself the author of several books of anthropology and travel. With him she travelled in the wildest jungles of Ceylon in the company of the Vedda aborigines and studied their lives. Her husband a Scottish engineer,shares her love of travel and the study of wild life.

Educated at Roedean Mrs.Wilson has contributed to numerous periodicals in Britain as well as in Ceylon and India. She is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Among her other books are three more novels, The Bitter Berry, I Am the Wings and Brave Island (co-authored with R.L.Spittel).

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Brave Island

Author: R.L. Spittel & Christine Wilson

Publisher: Sooriya Publishers

Second Edition 2003

ISBN 978-955-8892-15-7

224 pages


This is a story of war and adventure in the old Ceylon.

Why “Brave Island”?

In the 16th century to which the story pertains, the word ‘brave’ had a wider significance than it now has, namely, “finely dressed, splendid, showy, grand, handsome”. The title is therefore apposite as it embodies both the natural splendor of Ceylon and the bravery of man which the tale enshrines.

The book is in two parts. The first deals with the heroic resistance of the Portuguese in the fortress of Colombo against the overwhelming besieging forces of the Hollanders. The second part has for its mise en scene the Gulf of Mannar during a pearl fishery with its disastrous sequel so realistically described.

The story recaptures entrancingly the ethos of a bygone day.

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Surgeon of the Wilderness (The biography of Dr.R.L.Spittel)

Author: Christine Spittel Wilson

Publisher: Sooriya Publisher

Revised Edition 2001

ISBN 955-8425-23-0

221 Pages


Christine Wilson, encouraged by her surgeon father, started writing imaginative stories when she was six. Educated at Bishop’s College, Colombo, and at Roedean, she returned home to write more short stories.

During the war she married Alistair Wilson, a Scottish major in the army, who was later to work for many years in Sri Lanka. Going with him to his native Glasgow, Scotland, she studied authorship under Edward Scouller, a notable teacher of creative of creative writing.

Returning with her husband to Lanka, she began to write seriously. Her first book,The Bitter Berry, about the coffee and tea pioneers, was followed by The Mountain Road, I am the Wings; then The Fortress and the Gulf written with her father, R.L. Spittel; a commissioned book on Eastern Cooking, and several others for schools. Between books she wrote on wildlife, travel, history, radio scripts and plays.

Her interests cover painting travel, wildlife conservation, photography, art and the social anthropology of the Veddas of Lanka. It is about them, and her father who lovingly re-discovered them, that this book is written.

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