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The Little Lost Fishing Cat


  • Author :  Nadishka Aloysius 
  • ISBN 978-955-51847-9-3
  • 24Pages

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Author :  Nadishka Aloysius 

ISBN 978-955-51847-9-3



Do you like to learn about animals?Have you heard of a Fishing Cat?

Felena lives happily with her adopted family.However,they abandon her when they realize it is illegal to rear endangered animals as pets.Small & alone,Felena has to use her wits to survive.

Will She learn to forage for food on her own?Or will she fall prey to a predator?Will she find a new home?

Children have a natural affinity for animals &  love to explore.So,follow the adventures of alittle wildcat as she overcomes adversity & finds out where  she truly belongs.This book also includes Revision Questions & Fun Facts & through the entertaining story will educate children about endangered species in Sri Lanka.

“Educational & refreshing..a great read for kids &adults alike,to help us understand the importance of coexistence with animals & nature.”-Otara Gunawardene

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