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Return To Sri Lanka + Sri Lanka Biography of an Island


  • Return To Sri Lanka + Biography an Island
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Return To Sri Lanka + Biography an Island


Regular Price – Rs. 3130/=

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Sri Lanka Biography Of an Island       

Author : Eric Meyer

Translated From the French by Kristie Segond-Baldwin, Edited by Ashley Halpe

Publisher : Viator Publications

New  Edition 2003

ISBN 955-8736-07-4

237 Pages

The fate of this small country, which lies strategically at the  southernmost point of  India, is determined by forces beyond its control. Far from the images of paradise that  its name conjures up, there exists the reality of an island shaken to the core for over three decades by a series of crises stemming from the separatist demands of its Tamil minority and the assertion of identity of its Sinhalese majority. Sri Lanka possesses a number of advantages, how-ever: a democratic system;an open, global economy; a controlled demography; and an educated, enterprising population. For some analysts, the island’s future depends on its ability to go beyond the outdated political system of Nation- State that no longer seems to have its place in an increasingly globalised world .keeping these theories in mind, without accepting them outright, this book attempts to pin- point, though a study of the island’s past  and present histories, what constitutes the basis of its  multiple identities, which have  been constantly nourished by  outside elements and shaped over the past two thousand years.

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Return To Sri Lanka       

Author  : Razeen Sally

Publisher : Juggernaut Books

First Edition 2019

ISBN 978-93-5345-060-1

386 Pages


Sri Lanka seemed like a version of paradise to Razeen Sally as a child, but conflict was soon to follow, tearing the family apart and severing their bond with  Sri Lanka.Return to Sri lanka is story of a twenty-first-century reconciliation between sally, now an academic and political adviser, and the land of his birth. A travel memoir with deep political concerns,it is a book full of spellbinding beauty and moving insight, from a writer who is a native,a tourist, both and neither.


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