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Pursuit Of Financial System Resilience


  • Author: Nishadi Thennakoon
  • Publisher: Sooriya Publishers
  • ISBN 978-624-5638-07-9
  • 171 Pages

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Author: Nishadi Thennakoon

Publisher: Sooriya Publishers

ISBN 978-624-5638-07-9

171 Pages


‘The whole world witnessed a severe Global Financial Crisis and a health crisis which have caused unprecedented economic and financial turmoil. In both these events, financial systems were expected to play a crucial role in mitigating inequality and upholding prosperity. Preserving financial stability is, therefore, of paramount importance for all jurisdictions. The inadequacy of financial literacy has been instrumental in trapping people in financial frauds and scams. Having effective coordination between the regulators and the law enforcement authorities is also a vital requirement in taking prompt action against wrongdoers. In the context of the rapid advancement in digitalization, the financial services industry needs to embrace such modern trends while ensuring integrated risk management.”

Nishadi Thennakoon has a stellar academic record. She topped her batch (LL.B) at the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo Sri Lanka and the Attorney-at-Law exam of Sri Lanka Law Collage. She has an LL.M in Banking and Finance Law (Distinction) at the Queen Mary College, University of London. Nishadi has won a number of prizes and a scholarship based on her academic performance. Most notably, she was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award by the International Compliance Association, UK and Alliance Business School, University of Manchester for the best performance in the Diploma in Compliance Examination as a result of topping the worldwide batch in 2014. She has undergone several short-term training programmes. These include programmes at the Kennedy School, Harvard, The Federal Reserve, The Bundes Bank, Bank of International Settlements, Bannque De France and South East Asia Central Banking Centre. She has authored several articles in the local media to raise public awareness on the key financial regulatory and compliance issues. She is a Deputy at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Currently Nishadi is pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Law at the University of Manchester, UK.

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