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Foreign Presence in Sri Lanka


  • Author :  Latheef Farook
  • Publisher :Sri Lankan Journalists for Global Justice
  • ISBN 978-624-5242-00-9
  • 287 Pages

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Author :  Latheef Farook

Publisher :Sri Lankan Journalists for Global Justice

ISBN 978-624-5242-00-9

287 Pages


Since early 1970s Sri Lanka began to play a dynamic role under Prime Minister Mrs.Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s Government Supporting all freedom movements,especially the Palastinian struggle for freedom to return to their lands & homes.This policy won the hearts & minds of people all over Third World,especially those across the entire Middle East.As a result,Sri Lanka came to be known & respected.The pinnacle of this goodwill was when the Fifth Summit of Non-Aligned Heads of States held in Colombo in August 1976.

A colourful galaxy of heads of states from almost the entire newly independent countries in Asia,Africa & Latin America descended on Colombo,providing the island an unprecedented publicity boost worldwide.

Prime minister Mrs. Bandaranaike’s government was defeated in 1977.The new government of President J.R.Jayawardane threw its weight fully behind the United States emerging as the sole super power with its own global war agenda,the entire international political scene changed.

The Middle East was virtually turned into a killing field & around 60million people were thrown into refugee camps to suffer in appalling conditions,while several million innocent people were killed.This Chaotic international political scene brought new alliances & axis.The Non-Aligned Movement began to lose its effectiveness.Sri Lanka,a pillar of strength for the Non-Aligned Movement, was placed in a delicate position to keep a safe distance from rival world powers.

Since the end of the Island’s ethnic war in 2009,one after the other,china,the United States & its European partners,Russia,Israel & India entered the Island with their own agendas.Their presence has its own impact in the Island’s foreign policy.This book-Foreign Presence in Sri Lanka-is an effort to fill that vacuum.

-Latheef farook

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