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Eyesha And The Great Elephant Gathering


  • Author :  Nadishka Aloysius 
  • ISBN 978-9-555184-73-1
  • 31 Pages

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Author :  Nadishka Aloysius 

ISBN 978-9-555184-73-1

31 Pages


Eyesha is a baby elephant who is just learning the etiquette & behaviour expected of the largest land mammal in the world.She visits the Minneriya Tank with her family for the first time to participate in the annual Great Gathering.Curious & adventurous,she makes new friends,but is soon last & in trouble.How will little Eyesha find her way back to her Mother?

The spectacular illustrations capture the beauty of the region,teaching children to appreciate animals in the wild.The well-researched Glossary & Fun Facts are an entertaining & educational.So enjoy the book,& visit Minneriya National Park to experience for yourself this annual Gathering of the Great..


“That’s it.After reading this book I want to quit the human race & join the far more civilized world of Asian Elephants.Highly recommended for any parent who wants to open their children’s eyes to the wonder & warmth of other species on our planet.” (Nancy Heinzel-Amazon review)

“A sweet,short story about a young elephant who is spunky & curious.I loved the subtle information drops about elephants.”(K.T.Munson-Goodreads review)

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