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Books By Sidney Sheldon


  • The Stars Shine Down + Tell me Your Dreams + Windmills of the Gods + Nothing Lasts Forever + Bloodline +The Best Laid Plans
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The Stars Shine Down + Tell me Your Dreams + Windmills of the Gods + Nothing Lasts Forever + Bloodline +

The Best Laid Plans

Our Price – Rs. 4254/=


The Stars Shine Down

Author : Sidney Sheldon

Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers

26th impression 2016

ISBN 978-81-7223-479-9

370 Pages


Lara Cameron is a famous powerful wealthy New York building developer who struggled from brutal poverty in Glace Bay, a banker who took her body as part of her first deal, to Chicago, banker Keller whose love she takes lightly for granted. As her skyscrapers and boutique hotels tower on earth, she is at the top of a male dominated field. She lies and cheats to close a deal, making cruel enemies. She is forty, beautiful, glamorous, insecure, ruthless, vulnerable, secretly generous, rich – and still wants more. She marries an international concert pianist, the Lochinvar of her childhood dreams, but someone puts him in the hospital and threatens to take down her empire.

#TheStarsShineDown #SidneySheldon #InternationalBooks #Novels #Thriller


Tell me Your Dreams

Author : Sidney Sheldon

Publisher : Harper Collins Publishers

18th impression 2017

ISBN 978-81-7223-490-4

341 Pages



She had read about stalkers, but they belonged in a different, faraway world. She had no idea who it could be, who would want to harm her. She was trying desperately not to panic, but lately her sleep had been filled with nightmares, and she had awakened each morning with a feeling of impending doom.

Thus begins Sidney Sheldon’s chilling new novel, Tell Me Your Dreams. Three beautiful young women are suspected of committing a series of brutal murders. The police make an arrest that leads to one of the most bizarre murder trials of the century. Based on actual events, Sheldon’s novel races from London to Rome to the city of Quebec to San Francisco, with a climax that will leave the reader stunned. 


#TellmeYourDreams #SidneySheldon #InternationalBooks #Novels #Thriller #Romantic


Windmills of the Gods

Author : Sidney Sheldon

Publisher : Harper Collins Publishers

23rd impression 2017

ISBN 978-81-7223-482-9

320 Pages


The world is on the brink of mutual destruction between the East and the West and Mary Ashley, beautiful, talented, intelligent, has been chosen to represent America as Ambassador to Romania. Thrust from her comforting, homely life in Kansas, she finds herself lost amongst the political turmoil in a foreign country where she is seen as the enemy and no-one is to be trusted.

Then someone starts to threaten Mary and her children. Who can want her to leave so desperately and why? And can Mary decide who she can trust when her life is on the line?

#WindmillsoftheGods #SidneySheldon #Internationalbooks #Novels #Thriller


Nothing Lasts Forever

Author : Sidney Sheldon

Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers

19th impression 2016

ISBN 978-81-7223-485-0

292 Pages

Three young doctors — their hopes, their dreams, their unexpected desires…Dr. Paige Taylor. She swore it was euthanasia, but when Paige inherited a million dollars from a patient, the D.A. called it a murder. Dr. Kat Hunter. She vowed never to let another man too close again — until she accepted the challenge of a deadly bet. Dr. Honey Taft. To make it in medicine, she knew she’d need something more than the brains God gave her. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER races from the life-and-death decisions of a big San Francisco hospital to the tension-packed fireworks of a murder trial. It lays bare the ambitions and fears of healers and killers, lovers and betrayers. As the story surges toward its unpredictable climax, Sidney Sheldon proves once again that no reader can outguess the master of the unexpected.


#Nothing Lasts Forever #SidneySheldon #InternationalBooks #Novels #Thriller



Author : Sidney Sheldon

Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers

30th impression 2017

ISBN 978-81-7223-486-7

409 Pages


Sheldon’s sweeping saga of greed and betrayal, sabotage and danger, and the ties that can kill…


Roffe and Sons is a family firm, an international empire filled with desperate, cash-hungry family members. At its head was one of the wealthiest men in the world, a man who has just died in a mysterious accident and left his only daughter, Elizabeth, in control of the company. Now as this intelligent, tough, and beautiful young woman dares to save — not sell — Roffe and Sons, she will have to outwit those who secretly want her power, and the unknown assassin who wants her life.

#Bloodline #SidneySheldon #InternationalBooks #Novels #Thriller #Romantic


The Best Laid Plans

Author : Sidney Sheldon

Publisher : Harper Collins Publishers

17th impression 2017

ISBN 978-81-7223-492-8

343 Pages


He Wanted Power, She Wanted Revenge…..

‘Dear Diary: This morning i met the man I am going to marry.’ It was a Simple  enough entry in a young women’s diary which revealed not the slightest portent of the elaborate chain of events that   was about to occur.

Leslie stewart,a beautiful and ambitious PR executive,learns that for some men power is the greatest aphrodiac. Oliver Russell is a handsome governor of a small -town  southern state who is about to find out why hell hath no fury like a women scored.

The Best Laid Plans is an explosive story of two equally determined people headed on a collision course. Oliver has a strategy to win the White House: Leslie has  a scheme to make him wish he’d never been born . They both should have known that  the best Laid plans can go deadly wrong.

#The Best Laid Plans #Sidney Sheldon #Internationalbooks #Novels #Thriller


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