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A Review of Old Ceylon

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  • Far – Off Things + Discovering Ceylon + Seeing Ceylon + Wild Ceylon
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Far – Off Things + Discovering Ceylon + Seeing Ceylon + Wild Ceylon

Listed Price – Rs. 3830/=

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Far – Off Things

Author: R.L.Spittel

Publisher: Sooriya Publishers

Third Batch 2001

ISBN 955-8425-67-2

330 Page


The author of this book is a surgeon. His love for the Ceylon jungle has made him spend his holidays (through a succession of years) exploring its remotest depths, and bringing him in contact with the wild denizens, both human and animal.

He has gleaned the highlights of those experiences and presents them in these pages, prefaced by a summary of the Island’s history.

The reader will find here such varied fare as the passing of an aboriginal race, trackers’ tales, elephants, snakes, the devil bird, and age – old jungle shrines to tutelary gods.

This volume should have a special interest for the visitor to Ceylon as an introduction to the Island.

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Discovering Ceylon

Author: R. L. Brohier

Publisher: Sooriya Publishers

Third Edition 2002

ISBN 955-8425-54-0

293 pages


In this book, the author unfolds with freshness & intimacy a whole panorama of the hinterland of Ceylon which he has roamed for a lifetime with Theodolite & tape & a seeing eye.

He opens wide vistas of myths, traditions & legends enmeshing Ceylon’s history & describes the many strange customs & beliefs that portray a society that has all but passed away.

An outstanding contribution, this book is absorbing reading to those interested in the land & people of Ceylon.

#RLBrohier #Ceylon #Ceylon’sHistory #peopleOfCeylon


Seeing Ceylon

Author: R. L. Brohier

Publisher: Sooriya Publishers

Fifth Edition 2012

ISBN 978-955-8425-16-8

283 pages

There are few professions, the activities of which are less known to a popular world, than the Survey. There are none more rich in opportunities for the study of Nature in its many aspects, for the exploration and investigation of vestiges of an old-time civilization or for gleaning the lore and legend, and the simple thoughts of people who find refuge away from civilization.

The book is the product of over forty years of travel, on the highways, and along byways of Ceylon, in association with “the theodolite and the tape”. It consists largely of legends and traditions which have come down by word of mouth from one generation to the other. They therefore defy close analysis of observation, but are unconsciously held by a simple, conservative people to be true.

These stories, collected in the course of my circuits, call to memory trek through forests – where the company of tree-tops shuts out sunlight, and the strange odours of herbs and leaves and rotting wood pervade everything; the sun-scorched plains—where soggy and sodden with sweat one traverses open chenas while heat-waves dance in the dazzling sunshine; up craggy mountains—where in a biting wind as cold as charity, one patiently waits the lifting of mist to make an observation. They call to mind many elderly “story-tellers” (many of them perhaps now dead), who can always be found among the forest dwellers, the village rustic and the temple recluse—provided one is prepared to lend a sympathetic ear to what they have to tell.

#RLBrohier #ceylon #chena #oldCeylonVillage


Wild Ceylon

Author: R. L. Spittel

Publisher: Sooriya Publishers

Sooriya Edition 2003

ISBN 955-8892-16-5

215 pages

A great classic of the Ceylon jungles, also depicting in vivid language the life of the Veddas of Ceylon, a fast dying-out aboriginal race which yet retains many of its primitive customs. This is a record which has a historical and ethnological value to an exceptional degree. After Professor Seligmann wrote his monumental book on Veddas, there has been nothing like R.L Spittel’s book on this subject.

It is the approach of a sensitive and observing mind, in which scholarship and science are legitimately subordinated to the musical undertones which sustain the writing from beginning to end, thus making a fine jungle book because it is also a genuine artistic creation. The human touch is introduced in the revealing story of the last remnants of the pure Vedda race and no one who reads this book can say that he does not know the variegated and endless beauty of Ceylon’s jungle trails.

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