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Ancient Sri Lanka 2


  • IBN Battuta In Sri Lanka + The Line Of Lanka 
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IBN Battuta In Sri Lanka + The Line Of Lanka 

Regular Price – Rs. 2700/=

Our Price – Rs. 2565 /=


IBN Battuta In Sri Lanka

Author : Ameena Hussein

Publisher : Perera Hussein Publishing House

First Edition 2020

ISBN 978-955-7743-05-9

294 Pages


The fabled Moroccan Scholar Ibn Battuta is reputed to have travelled further through the medieval world than any other explorer, including Marco Polo. When Ameena Hussein sees a grimy street sign in Puttalam bearing his name, it precipitates a quest of her own, tracking Ibn Battuta’s trajectory in Lanka or Sarandib as he knew it.

From the pearl rich north-western coast, through Sri Pada known as the Mount of Lanka, down to Dewinuwara with its magnificent temple hosting dancing girls and Brahmin priests and onwards to Colombo – already a formidable maritime presence, she follows his trajectory to rejoin his starting point at Puttalam. Along the way, she seeks Ibn Battuta’s memory in the minds of men, and discovers a land brimming with myth and legend as colourful as the traveler himself.

#IBNBattutaInSriLanka #AmeenaHussein #EnglishBooks #SriLankanHistory


The Line Of Lanka       

Author :  Sunela Jayawardene

Publisher : Sailfish Publishers

New  Edition 2017 

ISBN 978-955-7743-04-2

297 Pages

Part mythology, part history and  part  travelogue…

Sit  back and let yourself be swept along in Sunela Jayawardene’s intrepid  journeys across Lanka’s lush  Countryside. Join her and rediscover myth and legend, history and heritage as she adroitly describes nature’s enduring beauty and oft-forgotten traditions that pulse to the beat of an unseen drum. Line of Lanka is a brilliant and unusual portrayal of a country and its people that will change your perceptions of Sri Lanka.


#TheLineOfLanka #SunelaJayawardene #EnglishBooks #Non-Fiction

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